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Disc Blade Types

Disc Blade Types

  • Stickleback: These blades have a fluted design for greater soil penetration. They last about 15-25% longer than traditional notched blades, depending on conditions.
  • Notched: The most common type of disc blade, notched blades assist in tilling the soil, chopping up debris and remainders. They work best in harder soil that may contain rocks and sticks.
  • Notched dimple: Similar to notched blades in most ways, these blades have added dimples around the center hole.
  • Notched conical: These blades have the same notches as regular notched blades, but are conical in shape.
  • Plain: These blades look ordinary discs, without any notches or dimples. They are best for use in soil that has been plowed and tilled previously and does not contain large stones or crop remainders.
  • Plain conical: Conical blades assist in aerating and displacing the soil.
  • Furrow filler: These are used at end of rear gangs, lead corners, or inside of tandem wing discs to reduce furrows (ridging) when discing.

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