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What is Harrow Disc Blade?

Agep is one of the most competitive harrow disc blade manufacturers from China and offers its services internationally.

At Agep, we have different harrow disc blade models available in different thicknesses, hole design, and size that fits perfectly for the majority of combine harvesters.

Our many years of field experience and experienced staff make sure that our harrow disc blade will have impressive corrosion resistance with a polished finish as well as heat-treated and rust-proof.

This FAQ guide will help you understand the knowledge that is considered crucial in the harrow disc blade topic, and that will help you make the right decision.

What is Harrow Disc Blade?

Harrow disc blade is generally an agricultural tool that is mostly utilized to break or smoothen the soil surface.

After a complete process of tillage, the harrow disc blade is used.

Harrow disc blade gives you the final and exceptional soil surface finish that is sometimes extremely important.

Additionally, the harrow disc blade is completely able to offer a soil structure that is appropriate to be used as a seedbed.

In order to understand it more clearly, it is a tool that also helps to break the lumps of your soil, known as clods.

The core purpose of utilizing a harrow disc blade is only to disturb a narrow trail of the soil to kill weeds or skirt the crop rows.

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