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To extend the service life of cotton picker engine

Preheating the engine

Do not run the engine at full load before the engine is properly preheated. Observe the coolant temperature gauge to make sure the engine is preheated. Important: To avoid engine damage due to lack of adequate lubrication, the engine should be run at about 1200 rpm for 2 minutes without load. When the temperature is below the freezing point, the running time should be extended from 2 minutes to 4 minutes.

Engine idling

The engine idling time should not be too long. Long-term idling will cause the coolant temperature to drop below the normal range. This will make the engine crankcase oil thinner, and due to incomplete combustion, a gel-like substance will form on the valves, pistons and piston rings. These substances cause dirt to accumulate quickly in the engine, and unburned fuel remains in the exhaust system. Once the engine is preheated to normal operating temperature, run at idle speed for 2-4 minutes. If the idling speed exceeds 5 minutes, turn off the engine and restart it.

Engine shutdown

1. Stop the machine, put the hydraulic control lever in the neutral position, the transmission control lever in the neutral position, and engage the parking brake.

2. Move the hand throttle back to the low idle position and let the engine idle for two minutes.

3. Lower the cotton picking head.

4. Turn the key switch to the off position, remove the key switch, and turn off the main power switch.

5. Check that all switches are off.

Important: The turbocharger and some engine parts are cooled by the engine oil. Suddenly shutting down the engine will cause these parts to be damaged due to overheating.

Filling the cooling system

1. When the engine is overheated, that is, the coolant temperature rises to 115℃, never add coolant. Wait until it cools down before adding.

2. Leak-proof additives will clog the radiator, causing the engine to overheat and damage. Do not use coolant containing leak-proof additives.

3. Fill the coolant at the radiator expansion tank filling point until its neck is completely filled. For coolant specifications, see the lubrication and maintenance section.

4. It is normal for a moderate amount of coolant to overflow during use. Observe the coolant temperature at any time.


In extremely cold weather, the performance of the hydrostatic oil will be reduced. If the hydrostatic oil becomes thick, preheat it before starting the machine. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged.

The method of preheating the hydrostatic oil before starting the machine is as follows:

1. Before starting the machine, ensure that the hydraulic control lever is in the neutral position, the parking brake is engaged, the gearbox is in the neutral position, the cotton picking head control lever is in the stopped position, and press the fan release switch to extend the push-pull rod to drive the tension wheel to disengage from the fan belt.

2. Start the engine and idle at a speed of 900-1100 rpm for 4 minutes.

3. Before starting the machine, push the hydraulic control lever forward to a certain stroke and let the engine run at a speed of 1200 rpm for 4 minutes.

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