Grassland & harvesting

  • Heavy hammer knives
Heavy hammer knives

Heavy hammer knives


Different hammers, knives and flails are available. They are designed to shred different types of residues depending on their shape.

(Grass, wood, woody residues)
Standard grassHammer knivesHammer knives
Grass in difficult conditions (stony,...)Articulated hammer knivesArticulated hammer knives
Grass and wood residues (vine shoots, cut Wood)Heavy hammer knivesHeavy hammer knives
Fallow land, woody crop residuesLong hammer knivesLong hammer knives
Universal knives
(Undergrowth, crop residues)
Standard undergrowthUniversal knivesUniversal knives
Undergrowth and difficult conditions (stony,...)Articulated universal knivesArticulated universal knives
Clearing, woody crop residues (stubble)Universal straight knivesUniversal straight knives
Field crop residues (maize seed, wheat Straw,...): increased suction effectUniversal knives + stubble palletUniversal knives + stubble pallet
Articulated scoop flailsGrass onlySpecific rotorSpecific rotor
Pallet knivesGrassPallet knivesPallet knives