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Flail mulcher - mechanical European corn borer control part

The Schlegelmulcher are very well suited for mechanical Maiszünzlerbekämpfung, see you on this video.

Here we drive a flail mulcher from the Leopard series in very wet and adverse conditions in the lowest flail setting over the stubble field. The corn stubble underneath the knot can be smashed without any problems, so that there are no longer any “winter opportunities” for the beak. The pace of work is similar to working with a compact disc harrow, but the result is significantly higher.

While the short slices squeeze the stubble, cut it and then put it into longer pieces, the mulcher crushes much finer and hits the stubble very close to the ground.

In addition, the application possibilities of the mulcher are very diverse over the year, so that an acquisition makes sense not only for the corn field cultivation. Equipped with heavy hammer mallets, the mulcher is also suitable for perfect grassland use (meadows, fallow land, margins, etc.) in addition to the corn field.

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